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Month: February 2017

What is the MOST important nutrient for your health?

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Let me ask you a simple but profound question. What is the most important nutrient for your health? The answer is the nutrient that’s missing! You’re probably thinking, “Of course, but how do I know what I’m missing?”

Cover your nutritional bases when you take your It’s Vital™ Core Nutrition every day. This whole-food multivitamin contains the essential antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins your body needs! And they’re all naturally derived from over 30 plant-based ingredients—including broccoli, carrot, kale, and blueberry, just to name a few!

Every organ system in your body will work better when you have all the right nutrients on board! This is particularly true in your muscle tissue. So how do you build muscle more efficiently? You know the importance of exercise, but you also need the all-important building blocks, amino acids! That’s why you want to supply your body with nine essential amino acids (the ones your body can’t make itself) in their healthiest, plant-based form with the new It Works! Shake™! This “perfect protein” blend of Yellow Pea and Organic Sprouted Brown Rice contains a balanced amino acid profile with those nine essential amino acids and an optimal concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

When you provide your body with the plant-derived nutrients of It’s Vital Core Nutrition and the plant-based protein of It Works! Shake, you’re making it even easier for your body to efficiently build muscle!† So put your body in muscle-building, calorie-burning mode every day!